Amit Shah in Ramayan Festival

Home Minister Amit Shah said “If a war is necessary to protect a woman’s honour, it must be fought”

If wars were necessary to protect the honour of women, then they must be fought even though it can be devastating” while speaking at the fifth International Ramayana Festival in New Delhi on Tuesday, Home Minister Amit Shah said.

Shah further said, “How is a woman’s honour protected… Those who understand the horrors of war and its devastating consequences also say that when a woman’s honour is lost, the state is lost, culture is lost. That’s why if a war is necessary to protect a woman’s honour, it must be fought.”

The Ramayana tells the story of Shri Ram who declared war upon Ravan after the latter abducted Mata Sita, the beloved Queen of Ayodhya. Shri Ram destroyed Lanka (capital city of Ravan) and burned them to the ground to rescue His wife (Mata Sita) from the clutches of the King of Lanka.

Shah’s statement comes at a time when Hindu girls are being abducted and forced to convert to Islam by radical Muslims in Pakistan. Tensions have been simmering between the countries ever since the abrogation of Article 370. Meanwhile, the Indian government has also upped the ante on Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) with authorities in the highest echelons of the government including MEA Jaishankar saying that India will one day have physical jurisdiction over PoK.

Shah also elucidated upon the virtues of the Ramayan. He asserted that the Hindu Epic has lessons on much more than just culture and ideals. It has also lots to offer on more worldly affairs.

Ramayan is the treasure of centuries-old Bharatiya culture and has solutions to all problems in the world. It is an unparalleled creation by Maharishi Valmiki on the life and values of an ideal human being. It beautifully depicts the highs and lows of human life and answers questions on morality and ethics arising out of difficult situations in life,” Shah added.

The International Ramayana Festival is a three-day annual festival that began on the 17/09/2019 and will end on 19/09/2019. The international dignitaries from various countries attending the event will also visit Ayodhya and offer prayers at Ram Janambhoomi.

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