Health Benefits of Durva Grass

Benefits of Cynodon dactylon OR Durva Grass (in sanskrit) OR Bermuda Grass OR Doob Grass (in Hindi)

According to Hindu belief, while tulsi is sacred to Krishna, durva is sacred to Ganesha

This grass is rich in calcium, phosphorus, fiber, potassium and protein which bestows a wide range of health benefits. Here are few reasons why this grass is far more healthy than you think.

It controls sugar levels :-

The glycemic potential of durva grass has been proved by many research studies in the recent times. The grass extract showed significant hypoglycaemic effect in diabetes patients in addition to lowering the risk of various health complications associated with it.

It enhances immune system :-

A healthy immune system is the key to maintain good health and prevent disease. Durva grass contains cdpf (cynodon dactylon protein fractions) which exert immunomodulatory activity that helps in optimizing the immune system. The antiviral and anti-microbial activity of durva grass aids in enhancing the immune health and fighting against various diseases.

It’s good for a woman’s overall health :-

Durva grass is found to be effective in treatment of urinary tract infections that are common in women than in men. This grass provides good results for women suffering from piles and white vaginal discharge when taken in combination with yogurt. It acts as a natural remedy for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and boosts production of prolactin hormone thereby adding in lactation.

It improves digestive system :-

Digestive and stomach complications are quite common in this day and age due to unhealthy eating and increased susceptibility to diseases. But with continuous use of durva grass, one can lower their risk of stomach ailments in addition to improving digestion and bowel movements and curing constipation. It acts as a natural detoxifier eliminating toxins from the body and also reduces acidity.

It relieves oral problems :-

Durva grass is packed with healthy nutrients called flavonoids that posses antiulcer activity thereby preventing against ulcers. It helps in fighting against cold and also aids in reducing phlegm. This grass not only helps in treatment of bleeding gums but also combats bad odour (halitosis) from mouth.

It cures skin related problems :-

Being a potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, durva grass is widely used in treatment of various skin problems like itching, skin rashes and eczema. Make a paste of this grass by mixing with turmeric powder and apply this paste externally on the skin to get rid of skin issues. It is also used as a natural remedy to treat skin diseases like leprosy and scabies.

It purifies blood :-

Durva grass acts as a natural blood purifier and also helps in maintaining alkalinity of blood. It is very effective in curtailing loss of blood due to injury, nosebleed or excessive menstrual blood flow. It increases the production of red blood cells which in turn increases hemoglobin levels in the body and thus prevents from anemia.

It boosts heart health :-

Regular intake of durva grass not only lowers your blood cholesterol level but also improves your cardiac function. In addition to being good for your heart, it also acts as a powerful anti-arrhythmic agent.

It keeps you fresh :-

Durva grass is loaded with myriad range of healthy nutrients that packs a powerful punch making you feel energetic and active. It acts as an effective natural remedy to treat insomnia and general fatigue. Consumption of this grass on a regular basis not only relieves stress but also cures nervous weakness thereby revitalizing your body and mind.

Tip: Take few strands of durva grass and wash them properly with clean water. Make it’s paste by adding water. Mix a spoonful of this paste in a glass of warm water and drink to attain its health benefits.

Disclaimer: Take advice from doctor / physician before use. Do not try at home. All the above information is copied from internet.

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