Bhavani Stuti

Bhavani Stuti by Adi Shankaracharya

Maa Bhavani is avtar of Hindu goddess Parvati. Bhavani means “giver of life”, the power of nature or the source of creative energy. In addition to her ferocious aspect, she is also known as Karunaswaroopini, “filled with mercy”.

Shivaji Maharaj was the devotee of Maa Bhavani, She presented a sword to Shivaji Maharaj. A temple to Bhavani at Tuljapur in Maharashtra, dates back to the 12th century. The temple contains a meter-high granite icon of the goddess, with eight arms holding weapons. She also holds the head of the demon Mahishasur, whom she slew in the region which is the present day Mysore.

Bhavani vanquished a demon who had taken the form of a wild buffalo (Mahishasura), and took abode on the Yamunachala hill, which is now home to the temple.

The Vahana of Goddess Bhavani is a Lion. The Goddess Bhavani has 8 arms in which she holds weapons and the head of the slain demon. The lowermost right hand holds a trident, the next one holds a dagger, above this an arrow and the uppermost right hand wields the chakra. The uppermost left hand holds a shankh, next one a bow, the third one carries a bowl and the lower most left band holds the granny knot of bare on the head of the demon. The right leg of Goddess Bhavani is planted firmly on the body of Mahishasur and left one is on the ground. Between these two legs, the head of the asur is gripped by lower left arm.

According to Adi Shankaracharya, “The devotees who recite Bhavani’s name everyday with true devotion, will not acquire sorrow, illness, unexpected death”.

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न तातो न माता न बन्धुर्न दाता 
न पुत्रो न पुत्री न भृत्यो न भर्ता ।
न जाया न विद्या न वृत्तिर्ममैव 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥१॥
Neither the mother nor the father,
Neither the relation nor the friend,
Neither the son nor the daughter,
Neither the servant nor the
Neither the wife nor the
& Neither my sole occupation,
Are my refuges that I can depend,
Oh, Bhavani,
So you are my refuge and my only
refuge Bhavani.  
भवाब्धावपारे महादुःखभीरु 
पपात प्रकामी प्रलोभी प्रमत्तः 
कुसंसारपाशप्रबद्धः सदाहं 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥२॥  
I am in this ocean of birth and
I am a coward, who dare not face
I am filled with lust and sin,
I am filled with greed and desire,
And tied I am, by the this useless life that I lead,
So you are my refuge and my only
refuge, Bhavani.  
 जानामि दानं   ध्यानयोगं 
 जानामि तन्त्रं   स्तोत्रमन्त्रम् 
 जानामि पूजां   न्यासयोगं 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥३॥  
Neither do I know how to give,
Nor do I know how to meditate,
Neither do I know Tantra,
Nor do I know stanzas of prayer,
Neither do I know how to
Nor do I know the art of yoga,
So you are my refuge and my only
refuge, Bhavani  
 जानामि पुण्यं  जानामि तीर्थ 
 जानामि मुक्तिं लयं वा कदाचित् 
 जानामि भक्तिं व्रतं वापि मातर्गतिस्त्वं 
गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥४॥  
Know I not how to be righteous,
Know I not the way to the places
Know I not methods of salvation,
Know I not how to merge my mind with God,
Know I not the art of devotion,
Know I not how to practice
austerities, Oh, mother,
So you are my refuge and my only
refuge, Bhavani  
कुकर्मी कुसङ्गी कुबुद्धिः कुदासः 
कुलाचारहीनः कदाचारलीनः 
कुदृष्टिः कुवाक्यप्रबन्धः सदाहं 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥५॥  
I perform bad actions,
I keep company of bad ones,
I think bad and sinful thoughts,
I serve bad masters,
I belong to a bad family,
Immersed I am in sinful acts,
I see with bad intentions,
Write I collection of bad words,
Always and always,
So you are my refuge and my
only refuge, Bhavani.  
प्रजेशं रमेशं महेशं सुरेशं 
दिनेशं निशीथेश्वरं वा कदाचित् 
 जानामि चान्यत् सदाहं शरण्ये 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥६॥  
Neither Do I know the creator,
Nor the Lord of Lakshmi,
Neither do I know the lord of all,
Nor do I know the lord of devas,
Neither do I know the God who
makes the day,
Nor the God who rules at night,
Neither do I know any other
Oh, Goddess to whom I bow always,
So you are my refuge and my only
refuge, Bhavani  
विवादे विषादे प्रमादे प्रवासे 
जले चानले पर्वते शत्रुमध्ये 
अरण्ये शरण्ये सदा मां प्रपाहि 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥७॥  
While I am in a heated argument,
While I am immersed in sorrow,
While I am suffering an accident,
While I am travelling far off,
While I am in water or fire,
While I am on the top of a
While I am surrounded by enemies,
And while I am in a deep forest,
Oh Goddess, I always bow before
So you are my refuge and my only
refuge, Bhavani  
अनाथो दरिद्रो जरारोगयुक्तो 
महाक्षीणदीनः सदा जाड्यवक्त्रः 
विपत्तौ प्रविष्टः प्रनष्टः सदाहं 
गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥८॥  
While being an orphan,
While being extremely poor,
While affected by disease of old
While I am terribly tired,
While I am in a pitiable state,
While I am being swallowed by
And while I suffer serious dangers,
I always bow before thee,
So you are my refuge and only
refuge, Bhavani  

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